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A little history...


Proprietors Kenny and Susan Kempton started in the restaurant business back in 1988, with our beloved Schnitzels Tavern, then located in the old Garman Opera House in  Bellefonte. Met with great success, serving traditional German fare in an old world setting, we out-grew our location and moved our business to the historic Bush House Hotel along Spring Creek and Talleyrand park. We truly enjoyed the next ten years with the additional hotel and banquet business, Daniels Bar, the thriving Bottle Shop and the beautiful restaurant including dining along the water in our patio Bier Garten. We have made so many wonderful friends and acquaintances along the way, with whom we have enjoyed many good times and gotten thru the difficult times. On February 8, 2006 the Bush House tragically burned to the ground taking it's historic splendor and charm, our toil and hard work, our things, leaving only memories. Thankfully, several months earlier we had started another endeavor, which was supposed to be a sandwich and bottle shop near State College.  Adjusting our plans, we built a full scale restaurant and bottle shop in our present location. Capitalizing on our success with the traditional ethnic foods, and Kenny's roots from New York with it's smorgasbord of cuisine available... the concept for OLDE NEW YORK was born. We hope you enjoy our hospitality, and make ONY your neighborhood place.

Olde New York Proprietors, Kenny & Susan

Proprietors, Kenny & Susan Kempton

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